10 Tips for Living like a Local In Ocean Isle Beach, NC

Us locals love living here, it’s paradise!  Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina is one of the most popular beaches to live and we would like to share a few secrets on living like a local, so while you’re here on vacation, you too can enjoy your time.

1.  Invest in a beach chair.  Us locals don’t like sandy britches!  One of the main staples in our homes is a beach chair, it provides no irritation and is much comfier!

2.  Grab a bite at The Isles.  We love to grab a bite to eat at The Isles and meet friends for happy hour while enjoying the beachfront view.  Laugher is a requirement! 

3.  Make time for the little things.  Whether it’s hopping on the bicycle to cruise the island, rocking on the porch or catching the sunset, we make time to enjoy every minute!

4.  Listen to the ocean.  Make time to go out to the shore and just listen to the ocean, it’s good for the soul!

5.  Visit with your neighbor(s).  Shoot the breeze with your next door neighbor, while sipping on a nice glass of wine.

6.  Purchase an OIB shirt.  We love to wear our OIB shirts, we wear them proudly for our little town.

7.  Slow down.  Take the time to not only slow down while driving in our beautiful town but take the time to slow down in life.  Just like the ocean breeze, life can pass you by.

8.  Invest in a bicycle.  OIB is a great place to get your biking on!  We love to set out for daily rides, it clears the mind!

9.  Fishing poles, it’s a way of life.  We love to fish, we love to find our favorite fishing spot, we also love to purchase a fishing license.

10.  Island preservation.  We care greatly about our island and strive to protect it.  We invest time and effort in protecting our dunes, sea turtles and our town in general.  Love OIB like it’s your own home.

The Islander Inn is here to help you enjoy your vacation with stress-free room reservations!  Give us a call at 1-888-325-4753 or visit our online booking service to reserve your room today!  Remember, when you get here, slow down and enjoy!